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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Shakespeare revisited… The Tempest

What a delightful surprise… whilst on holiday (travelling local… cash strapped and shocked with how exorbitant accommodation is during the summer holidays) made the outing to Stratford-Upon-Avon. I’ve been there before, but first time to go and watch a play. The last time I sparred with the big “W” was during my final year at school (and that is wayyyy back) and that was with the “Virgin of Menace”… (lol, I did actually enjoy it at the time!). Went to see “The Tempest” at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.

An absolute treat it was. Although backseat, and I mean backseat, was sitting right at the back in the top and last row. The good thing was that the seats was not the moulded type, but a cushioned back and the acoustics was excellent so even the back seat was good (and take note, for the budget traveller, it suited me perfect). Full score for the cast for putting and fantastic and memorable performance. Considering they probably do it hundreds of times, the performance was enthusiastic and spirited. Within the play itself it reminds me of the movie “Shakespeare in Love” and one feels the enthusiasm of Joseph Fiennes. One feels the energy and passion Shakespeare has written the play with as it is acted (brought to life) on stage.

I applaud the efforts of the Royal Shakespeare Company for putting up such brilliant performance and the dedication. If you can, do yourself the favour, brave the masses and go and see for yourself!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Blog mad and the rest of it...

What a bug the blogging can be... fortunately I'm on leave for a few days and found my sister got me going on the blog site. A mission it initially seems to just get going, but when it starts, it is quite good fun. As means of expression, not much beats this. Did replace the diary for the moment...

It is much easier to work online since my wireless network is sorted (1 day gone struggling to configure a range extender, no matter what anyone says, PnP or Plug and Play my *&^^... I still want to see something really just being plugged in and it works as the salesman so generously explained) But now works even in the lounge and I can "blog" from anywhere. Happiness all over! Well, I will continue to ramble on whatever comes up, being it a new recipe, the book which I'm struggling to get to (although it is brilliant, the days just seem to fly by!), any magic or just ordinary experience.

Till next log on the blog...

Culture shock

Before I get back to the current book I'm reading I feel compelled to mention another. Also it being a new blog I will go back to previous reads for reflection and comment. The book I'm referring to is "Sky Burial" by Xinran. It was the first book I've read that really opened a way of life and culture within a story for me. I've had a growing interest in Asia after a visit last year and had difficulty finding "personal" information. And what I mean about that is in my experience I've read a lot of fiction novels from my local newsagent, but hardly have a found a book so profound in terms of really revealing a culture and a way of life.

This book is "An epic story of Tibet", a (real) love and life story more striking than Romeo and Juliet. The intensity of care, the commitment and dedication to find the one loved one goes beyond comprehension. A woman from China, setting off to find her husband that did not return from the war in Tibet. Not only is this book informative in terms of the historic perspective it also reveals a deeper human aspect that is truly admirable in a day and age of instant everything and highly disposability I can highly recommend this read... it makes you think. Till the next update...

Sunday, August 13, 2006

life changes

just started reading Alain de Botton's "The consolations of Philisophy" and before you even get started, it already tempt the tastebuds... fascinating and looking forward to comment on this in days to come. The first book "The art of travel" I could hardly put down. I do travel a lot and the obvious title was the attraction. I was not completely prepared for how good it was. It got me sitting quiet for nearly 2 hours in Heidelberg staring at the detail of a ever so normal plant and end up drawing a little bee... looking at the detail made me see a little cosmos of detail in an every day event... until later

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